Sentence Examples with the word Monographie

Against the somewhat enthusiastic estimate and modern interpretation given in this work, are Schneider in his Roger Bacon, Eine Monographie (Augsburg, 1873); K.

Von Graff, Monographie der Turbellarien (1882); A.

Waser, Charon, Charun, Charos, mythologischarchdologische Monographie (1898); S.

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Partsch, Die Inset Corfu: eine geographische Monographie (Gotha, 1887); Die Inset Levkas (Gotha, 1889); Kephallenia and Ithaka (Gotha, 1890); Die Inset Zante (Gotha, 1891).

See Pfnor, Monographie de Fontainebleau, with text by Champollion Figeac (Paris, 1866); Guide artistique et historique au palais de Fontainebleau (Paris, 1889); E.

Uzel's Monographie der Ordnung Thysanoptera (Koniggratz, 1895; in the Czech language.

Chatrian, Monographie du diamant (1880); V.

Uzel, Monographie der Ordnung Thysanoptera, and are used with his agree with Haliday and Burpermission.) meister in allowing the ThysanFIG.