Sentence Examples with the word Monobasic

When heated with monobasic saturated acids and zinc chloride it yields acridines.

It is a monobasic acid forming salts which are permanent in air, but which are gradually oxidized in aqueous solution.

It is a monobasic acid, forming one normal and two acid potassium salts, and basic salts with iron, aluminium, lead and copper.

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Aliphatic monobasic acids are further divided according to the nature of the parent hydrocarbon.

It is a monobasic acid, and a very powerful oxidizing agent (M.

It is a very weak monobasic acid, and the aqueous solution has a very low electric conductivity.

Taking as types hydrogen, hydrochloric acid, water and ammonia, he postulated that all organic compounds were referable to these four forms: the hydrogen type included hydrocarbons, aldehydes and ketones; the hydrochloric acid type, the chlorides, bromides and iodides; the water type, the alcohols, ethers, monobasic acids, acid anhydrides, and the analogous sulphur compounds; and the ammonia type, the amines, acid-amides, and the analogous phosphorus and arsenic compounds.

The following table gives the heats of neutralization of the commoner strong monobasic acids with soda: - Hydrochloric acid Hydrobromic acid Hydriodic acid Nitric acid Chloric acid Bromic acid Within the error of experiment these numbers are identical.

It behaves as a monobasic acid and forms unstable salts.

Those derived from monobasic acids, obtained by the action of acid chlorides or anhydrides on urea, decompose on heating and do not form salts.