Sentence Examples with the word Mond

A liberal contributor to the purposes of scientific research, Mond founded in 1896 the Davy-Faraday Research Laboratory in connexion with the Royal Institution.

Magnesium oxychloride when heated to redness in a current of air evolves a mixture of hydrochloric acid and chlorine and leaves a residue of magnesia, a reaction which is employed in the Weldon-Pechiney and Mond processes for the manufacture of chlorine.

Herz, Keplers A strologie (1895); Ludwig Gunther, Keplers Traum vom Mond (1898; an annotated translation of the Somnium); A.

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LUDWIG MOND (1839-1909), British chemist, was born at Cassel in Germany on the 7th of March 1839.

Madler, Der Mond nach seinen kosmischen and individuellen Verhdltnissen, oder Allgemeine vergleichende Selenographie (Berlin, 1837); Richard A.

Hilprecht; for Elephantine, the Mond papyri, A.

The Mond plant is shown in figs.

Gradually, however, the technical difficulties were overcome and success assured, largely as a result of improved methods worked out by Mond for the recovery of the ammonia.