Sentence Examples with the word Monasticon

Dugdale, Monasticon Anglicanum (new ed., 1846), vol.

For the Sempringham priory see Dugdale, Monasticon vi.

Views and plans of the abbey building will be found in Dugdale's Monasticon (1655) Stevens's Monasticon (1720); Stukeley, Itinerarium curiosum (1724); Grose, Antiquities (1754); Carter, Ancient Architecture (1800); Storer, Antiq.

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Dugdale's most important works are Antiquities of Warwickshire (1656); Monasticon Anglicanum (1655-1673); History of St Paul's Cathedral (1658); and Baronage of England (1675-1676).

After a visit to France in 1648 he continued his antiquarian researches in London, collaborating with Richard Dodsworth in his Monasticon Anglicanum, which was published successively in single volumes in 1655, 1664 and 1673.

Morant, 1878); Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum.

See Felix Liebermann, Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen (Halle, 1888-89); William Stubbs, Constitutional History of England; Richard Cleasby, Icelandic Dictionary; New English Dictionary; and William Dugdale, Monasticon Anglicanum, vol.

The three Rules are printed in Dugdale, Monasticon (ed.