Sentence Examples with the word Monachism

Antonian monachism grew out of the purely eremitical life, and it retained many of the characteristic features inherited from its origin.

In the Premonstratensian order, however, founded in I120 by Norbert of Xanten, a new conception of the whole function of monachism was introduced: the duty of the priest-monk is not only to work out his own salvation, but, by preaching and cure of souls, to labour for others.

Of much greater importance was the importation of Basilian monachism into Russia, for it thereby became the norm of monachism for all the Slavonic lands.

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The picture of Studite life is the picture of normal Greek and Slavonic monachism to this day.

Leipoldt, Schenute von Atripe, 1903.) Egyptian monachism began to wane towards the end of the 5th century, and since the Mahommedan occupation it has ever been declining.

The third is the age of the plena spiritus libertas, the age of contemplation, the monastic age par excellence, the age of a monachism wholly directed towards ecstasy, more Oriental than Benedictine.

From this monastery went forth St Augustine and his companions on their mission to England in 59 6, carrying their monachism with them; thus England was the first country out of Italy in which Benedictine life was firmly planted.

Basilian monachism spread from Greece to Italy and Russia.

He had thoroughly convinced himself of the abuses to which monachism lent itself.

Greek monachism underwent no development or change for four centuries, except the vicissitudes inevitable in all things human, which in monasticism assume the form of alternations of relaxation and revival.