Sentence Examples with the word Momental

Of the wedge of immersion and emersion, will be the C.P. with respect to FF' of the two parts of the water-line area, so that b 1 b 2 will be conjugate to FF' with respect to the momental ellipse at F.

The motion of the body relative to 0 is therefore completely represented if we imagine the momental ellipsoid at 0 to roll without sliding on a plane fixed in space, with an angular velocity proportional at each instant to the radius-vector of the point of contact.

It possesses thi property that the radius of gyration about any diameter is half thi distance between the two tangents which are parallel to that diameter, In the case of a uniform triangular plate it may be shown that thi momental ellipse at G is concentric, similar and similarly situatec to the ellipse which touches the sides of the triangle at their middle points.

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Within which the C.P. must lie when the area is immersed completely; the boundary of the core is therefore the locus of the antipodes with respect to the momental ellipse of water lines which touch the boundary of the area.

Since they are essentially positive the quadric is an ellipsoid; it is called the momental ellipsoid at 0.

An inclining couple due to moving a weight about in a ship will heel the ship about an axis perpendicular to the plane of the couple, only when this axis is a principal axis at F of the momental ellipse of the water-line area A.

The relation between these axes may be expressed by means of the momental ellipsoid at 0.

A limitation is thus imposed on the possible forms of the momental ellipsoid; e.g.

This shows that the C.P. is the antipole of the line of intersection of its plane with the free surface with respect to the momental ellipse at the C.G.

Which may be called the momental ellipse at 0.