Sentence Examples with the word Moeris

On the Libyan side the oasis of SIwa could be reached from the Lake of Moeris or from Terrana (Terenuthis), or by the coast route which also led to the Cyrenaica.

The obelisk of Heliopolis is amongst his best-known monuments, and the damming of the Lake of Moeris (q.v.) must have been in progress in his reign.

In his long reign of forty-six years he built a pyramid at Dahshr, and at Hawra near the Lake of Moeris another pyramid together with the Labyrinth which seems to have been an enormous funerary temple attached to the pyramid.

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Completed the work of Lake Moeris and began a series of observations of the height of the inundation at Semna which was continued by his successors.