Sentence Examples with the word Moerae

Like the Moerae (Fates), they regulate the destinies of man, watch over the newly born, secure good laws and the administration of justice.

According to a later tradition, not known to Homer, the Moerae appeared to Althaea when Meleager was seven days old, and announced that the child would only live as long as the log blazing on the hearth remained unconsumed.

She a p pears as the mother of the Moerae (Fates), as the wife of Demiurgus (Fashioner of the World) and mother of Heimarmene (Destiny).

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When Admetus was attacked by an illness that threatened to lead to his premature death, Apollo persuaded the Moerae (Fates) to prolong his life, provided any one could be found to die in his place.