Sentence Examples with the word Modenese

Tiraboschi wrote besides Biblioteca modenese (6 vols., 1781-1786); Notizie de' pittori, scultori, incisori, ed architetti modenesi (1786); Memorie storiche modenesi (5 vols., 1793--1794), and many minor works.

High; in the basement may be seen the wooden bucket captured by the Modenese from the Bolognese in the affray at Zappolino (1325), and rendered famous by Tassoni's Secchia Rapita.

C. Farini was chosen dictator, and 4000 Modenese joined the allies.

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When on the outbreak of the war of 1859 Francis V., duke of Modena, was expelled and a provisional government set up, Farini was sent as Piedmontese commissioner to that city; but although recalled after the peace of Villafranca he was determined on the annexation of central Italy to Piedmont and remained behind, becoming a Modenese citizen and dictator of the state.

In, taking this step the Modenese and Romagnols had the encouragement of Bonaparte, despite the orders which the French directory sent to him in a contrary sense.