Sentence Examples with the word Modelled

Painters also have frequently designed and modelled for metal-work, for example, Lord Leighton, who produced bronze statuettes of most refined character; and Sir L.

Further, it gave a great impetus to the progress of chemical education throughout Germany, for the continued admonitions of Liebig combined with the influence of his pupils induced many other universities to build laboratories modelled on the same plan.

In the ao-Bizen (blu Bizen), as well as in the red variety, figures of mythical beings ant animals, birds, fishes and other natural objects, were modelled witl a degree of plastic ability that can scarcely be spoken of in too higi terms. Representative specimens are truly admirableevery line, every contour faithful.

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His original intention was to revise the Old Latin, and his two revisions of the Psalter, the Roman and the Gallican, the latter modelled on the Hexapla, still survive.

The Capitol,' dedicated in 1906, was erected to replace one burned in 1897; it is a fine building, with a dome modelled after St Peter's at Rome.

For other than the purposes indicated, the native judicial system, both civil and criminal, was superseded in 1884 by tribunals administering a jurisprudence modelled on that of the French code.

He modelled his private life on that of his predecessor Saint Louis, but was no fanatic in religion, for he refused his support to the violent methods of the Inquisition in southern France, and allowed the Jews to return to the country, at the same time confirming their privileges.

It was modelled by Ed.

From this period date most of the specimens best known outside Japan cleverly modelled figures of mythological beings and animals covered with lustrous variegated glazes, the general colors being grey or buff, with tints of green, chocolate, brown and sometimes blue.

The constitution is republican and modelled on the Constitution of the United States, with some marked differences of greater centralization, due to colonial experience under the rule of Spain, notably as regards federalism; the provinces of the island being less important than the states of the American Union.