Sentence Examples with the word Mocked

His smile was wry and his eyes mocked her.

Here his uncouth behaviour and great personal beauty attract general attention, and he is alike mocked by Kay, and his future distinction mysteriously foretold.

The smile on his lips charmed, but the dark eyes mocked her.

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His bright gaze mocked her.

Had taken Ascalon, which for fifty years had mocked the efforts of successive kings, and by this stroke he might appear to have closed for Nureddin the route to Egypt, and to have opened a path for its conquest by the Franks.

The deep amber eyes mocked her.

That the Quakers were, at times, irritating cannot be denied: some of them appear to have publicly mocked the institutions and the rulers of the colony and to have interrupted public worship; and a few of their men and women acted with the fanaticism and disorder which frequently characterized the religious controversies of the time.

One other cry He uttered, and the end came, and at that moment the veil of the Temple was rent from top to bottom - an omen of fearful import to those who had mocked Him, even on the cross, as the destroyer of the Temple, who in three days should build it anew.

His chuckle was soft and his dark gaze mocked her as they turned toward the door.

The one distinct exception to the general beneficence of Elisha's activity - the destruction of the forty-two children who mocked him as he was going up to Bethel (2 Kings ii.