Sentence Examples with the word Mobilized

Three distinct mutinies broke out while the newly mobilized reserves were being moved to the front.

Immediately on the outbreak of war, batteries were erected at Scapa and the Territorial Garrison Artillery of the Orkneys were mobilized to man them.

The business of the session mainly consisted of measures either to demobilize the forces which had been mobilized for the war and restore previous peace conditions, or to improve the social condition of the people in accordance with the pledges of the joint leaders' election manifesto.

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On the 14th of November six Russian army corps were mobilized to form the army of the south under the grand duke Foreign and domestic politics, 1866-70.

On returning to Eritrea, Baratieri mobilized his nativ reserves and pushed forward columns under Major Toselli am General Arimondi as far south as Amba Alagi.

Montenegro did the same in the course of the summer, and, while Turkey was still negotiating her peace with Italy at Ouchy, the four allies mobilized their armies (Sept.

The scale of the operations may be judged from the fact that the total number of troops mobilized up to the beginning of July 1905 amounted to 126 battalions, 8 squadrons and 15 batteries; the rebel leader Mahommed Yahiya had at this time a following of 50,000.

Bulgaria mobilized her army in Sept.

Russia, obligated by treaty to defend Serbia, mobilized its army.

She was reminded of a scene from a movie, where an army mobilized for war.