Sentence Examples with the word Mistook

We left the compound and got ambushed by people we mistook for refugees.

When it is added that Jefferson's assertions, alike as regards Hamilton's talk 3 and the intent and tendency of his political measures, were, to the extent of the underlying basic fact - but discounting Jefferson's somewhat intemperate interpretations - unquestionably true, 4 it cannot be accounted strange that Hamilton's Democratic opponents mistook his theoretic predilections for positive designs.

At dawn it was attacked by a French force which mistook the British troops for Samory's Sofas (save the officers the soldiers of both parties were negroes).

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In attempting to pass from Wei to another state, Confucius was set upon by a mob, which mistook him for an officer who had made himself hated by his oppressive deeds.

Apparently he mistook her breathless state as an indication of passion.

He had no artistic appreciation of the subject he discussed, and he mistook cause for effect in asserting that the decline in public morality was due to the flagrant indecency of the stage.

When she saw an indistinct shape in the corner, and mistook his knees raised under the quilt for his shoulders, she imagined a horrible body there, and stood still in terror.

Upon the whole, it does not seem probable, either that the Chronicler mistook Lamentations iv.

In the middle of the queen's throne was a low stone box she mistook at first glance to be the world's most uncomfortable lumbar support.

At the close of a day of victory he was reconnoitring the hostile positions when suddenly the Confederate outposts opened fire upon his staff, whom they mistook in the dark and tangled forest for Federal cavalry.