Sentence Examples with the word Misses

The most imposing structure belonging to the Scottish Episcopal Church is St Mary's cathedral, built on ground and chiefly from funds left by the Misses Walker of Coates, and opened for worship in 1879.

To rationalize this or any of the series misses the whole point of the religious history.

One misses Mitenka at such times.

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I think she misses us.

If it misses its first attack, it scarcely ever attempts to follow, but returns to its master.

This idea that there are a finite number of jobs misses the point entirely of what makes a job.

However well grounded this reasoning may be, it altogether misses the point at which Butler aimed, and is indeed a misconception of the nature of analogical argument.

Though he makes his bow to mathematical method, he, even more than Hobbes, misses its constructive character.

Molly misses you and you should be with daughter.

In the Epistle of James we have a really distinct type; and it seems to us that the degree to which the epistle misses its mark as a polemic may be easily and naturally accounted for in more ways than one.