Sentence Examples with the word Misapplied

WANDERU (WANDEROO), the native name for the species of langur monkeys (Semnopithecus) inhabiting the island of Ceylon; but in India commonly misapplied to the lion-tailed macaque, Macacus silenus (see Primates).

Mitrata of Pallas, a name which has often been misapplied to the last.

In rebuking it James unconsciously retracts the misapplied Pauline principle itself.

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They are still deprived of all political rights, they are denied any voice in the government of the country, they are taxed far above the requirements of the country, the revenue of which is misapplied and devoted to objects which keep alive a continuous and wellfounded feeling of irritation, without in any way advancing the general interest of the state.

This theory of charging what the traffic will bear is an unpopular one, because it has been misapplied by railway managers and made an excuse for charging what the traffic will not bear.