Sentence Examples with the word Mira

Vito al Tagliamento Io,160; total of province 614,270, number of communes 179; Venice 148,471, Chioggia 31,218, Cavarzere 16,388, Mira 12,169, Mestre 11,625; total of province 399,823, number of communes 50; Verona 73,917, Legnago 14,535; total of province 427,018, number of communes 113; Vicenza 43,703, Bassano 15,097; Schio 13,524; Arzignano 10,426, Lonigo 10,390; total of province 453, 621, number of communes 123.

In both cases no extraneous cause can be assigned; the period seems to be inherent in the star itself and not to be determined by the revolution of a satellite (no variability of the line-of-sight motion of Mira has been found, so that it is probably not accompanied by any large companion).

The most northern of these bays is the Ancon de Sardinas, lying south of the Mira delta.

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In a grave in the apse was found a large fragment of an inscription, composed by Pope Damasus, but set up by his successor Siricius, which, from the note-book of a Salzburg pilgrim of the 8th century, can be completed thus: - Militiae nomen dederant saevum Officium pariter spectantes juss Praeceptis pulsante metu servi Mira fides rerum subito posue Conversi fugiunt ducis impia castr Projiciunt clypeos faleras tel Confessi gaudent Christi portar Credite per Damasum possit quid Nereus (see Rom.

The delta channels of the Mira are navigable, being tributary to the Colombian port of Tumaco.

It is well known that these words are the first syllables of six lines of a hymn addressed to St John the Baptist, which may be given here: Ut queant laxis resonare fibris Mira gestorum famuli tuorum, Solve polluti labii reatum, Sancte Joannes.

At Mira is a large candle factory.

A small section of this line terminating on the Pacific coast is also in dispute, Ecuador claiming the main channel of the Mira as the dividing line, and Colombia claiming a small district south of that channel, the line running due west from the mouth of the most southern outlet of the Mira opening into Panguapi Bay, to a point of intersection with that river.

The best known and typical star of this class is Mira or o Ceti.

The Mira has its principal sources in Ecuador, and for a short distance forms the boundary line between the two republics, but its outlets and navigable channel are within Colombia.