Sentence Examples with the word Minted

The coins minted under this law are Gold: 10 pesos, .900 fine, weighing 8.3331 grammes.

In the extreme west, a money currency in its most highly developed formthat of coinage minted by the state, or an autonomous communityhad developed since the 7th century among the Lydians and Greeks.

Previous to 1906 this coin was minted in England, but in that year a branch of the royal mint was established at Ottawa.

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And rightly so, for it was the old Greek piety minted afresh.

Sayce and Cowley, Araman Papyri discovered at Assuan I906), and the coins minted by the satraps and generals usually bear an Aramaic inscription.

Egyptian silver money is minted at Birmingham, and nickel and bronze money at Vienna.

The instincts of the newly minted spy were dead on.

This, the only coin minted by the government, should bear a fixed ratio of l000 cash to one tael of silver, but in practice there is no such fixed value.

The coinage formerly was the caroub and piastre (the latter worth about 6d.), but in 1891 the French reformed the coinage, substituting the franc as a unit, and having the money minted at Paris.

When the king required money he minted as much as was necessary.