Sentence Examples with the word Milking

Except in the settled districts horned cattle are not numerous; they are similar to the Indian humped cattle, but are greatly superior in milking qualities.

Goats have two spigots instead of four, but the milking machinery is basically the same.

That meant milking morning and night, and bottle feeding the kids - all twenty-seven of them.

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Just get the milking started.

This provides for the reduction as far as possible of contamination during the milking process itself.

It will be noticed that such characteristically milking breeds as the Ayrshire, Jersey and Guernsey have no place here.

The migrating buffalo, which seeks new pastures in another latitude, is not extravagant like the cow which kicks over the pail, leaps the cowyard fence, and runs after her calf, in milking time.

In 1900, at York, the competitions were concerned with horse-power cultivators, self-moving steam diggers, milking machines and sheep-shearing machines (power and hand).

I'm going to start milking a few goats and making some cheese.

It was milking time? somewhere.