Sentence Examples with the word Militated

Perhaps his popularity and many-sidedness militated against his academical success; at any rate he only obtained, to his chagrin, a second class in the History Tripos.

But he only appointed a commander to take charge of both columns at the last moment, and the want of a clear understanding as to what was to be done militated against success from the first.

This situation militated greatly against that leader's cherished policy, and led him to a bitter criticism of the president on the floor of the Senate.

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A ship now and again put into the bay, but the dangerous bar at its entrance militated against its frequent use.

The precarious position of the province on the borders of the country doubtless militated against an earlier industrial development, but since the separation from Belgium and the construction of roads, railways and canals there has been a general improvement, Tilburg, Eindhoven and Helmond all having risen into prominence in modern times as industrial centres.

To the archbishops, militated against lay teachers in secondary and primary schools, and set them Papacy under clerical control, made it ominously easy for members of religious congregations to become instructors of youth, and cut the nerve of the communal school system.

Efforts have been made during the last few years to introduce this solvent on a large scale, but its high price and its physiological effect on the workmen have hitherto militated against it.

At the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, the opening of new universities, co-operating with the suspicions of the various German governments as to the democratic opinions which obtained at Jena, militated against the university, which has never regained its former prosperity.

He was not a judge of evidence, and seems to have been unwilling to admit the force of any argument or the authority of any statement which militated against his case.