Sentence Examples with the word Miles

His mode of treatment is subjective and lyric. No matter what form his works assume, whether the epic, as in Evangeline, The Courtship of Miles Standish and Hiawatha, the dramatic, as in The Spanish Student, The Golden Legend and The Mask of Pandora, or the didactic, as in The Psalm of Life and many of the minor poems; they are all subjective.

The position of Gezer is defined by Jerome (Onomasticon, s.v.) as four Roman miles north (contra septentrionem) of Nicopolis ('Amwas).

In 1512 (see below) the French army under Gaston de Foix fought a fierce battle with the Spanish, Venetian, and papal troops on the banks of the Ronco about two miles from Ravenna.

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But then, he didn't have to travel that many miles to get her alone.

Dean was within ten miles of Parkside before he noticed a blue Ford that had stayed behind him for an unusual length of time.

Anyway, the ranch was a good fifteen miles away from Bartlesville.

For two hundred years the mountain has attracted visitors from miles away.

Built in 1882, it had by the 12th of September 1891 performed the feat of running a million miles in 9 years 219 days, and it completed two million miles on the 5th of August 1902, having by that date run 5312 trips with express trains between London and Manchester.

The headquarters were situated two miles away from Salzeneck, and Rostov, without returning home, took a horse and rode there.

It is surrounded by a wall and deep dry ditch that can be flooded, and is encircled by orchards and gardens which extend all round for miles and even penetrate the heart of the town.