Sentence Examples with the word Miguel

Juan Miguel de Vives, announced, amid universal acclamation, his resolution to support Ferdinand VII.

Border of the Anahuac plateau, at the foot of the Cerro San Miguel de Tutucuitlalpillo, about 8650 ft.

Historical literature has been enriched by the works of Diego Barros Arana, Benjamin Vicuna Mackenna, Miguel Luis Amunategui, Carlos Walker Martinez, and others.

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Nor was the indulgence shown by the cabinet towards Dom Miguel and the absolutists of Portugal quite worthy of England.

In 1833 and 1834 the youthful queens Donna Maria of Portugal and Isabella of Spain were the representatives and the hope of the constitutional party in those countries - assailed and hard pressed by their absolutist kinsmen Don Miguel and Don Carlos, who were the representatives of the male line of succession.

Lea and Miguel further proved that the hydrolysis is due to an enzyme - urase - separable with difficulty from the bacteria concerned.

Governor Miguel de la Torre, who ruled the island with vice-regal powers during the second period of Ferdinand's absolutism, sternly repressed all attempts at liberalism, and made the island the resort for loyal refugees from the Spanish mainland.

The fine interior is remarkable for the peculiar structure of its apse, and for the choir-stalls carved in English oak by Miguel Ancheta, a native artist (1530).

Darien Harbour, formed by the Tuira and Savannah rivers, is a part of the Gulf of San Miguel and is 11 m.

The royal authority in Portugal was delegated to Margaret of Savoy, duchess of Mantua, whose train of Spanish and Italian courtiers aroused the jealousy of the Portuguese nobles, while the harsh rule of her secretary of state, Miguel de Vasconcellos de Brito, provoked the resentment of all classes.