Sentence Examples with the word Methylation

By the electrolytic reduction of pseudopelletierine, N-methyl granatanine is obtained, and this by exhaustive methylation is converted into A O des-dimethyl granatanine.

It is identical' with the hydrotropilidine, which results by the destructive methylation of tropane.

It combines directly with methyl iodide to form dimethyl coninium iodide, C10H22NI, which by the destructive methylation process of A.

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They behave, however, as tautomeric substances, since their alkali salts on methylation give nitrogen ethers, whilst their silver salts yield oxygen ethers: potassium salt - R N(CH 3).NO 2 nitramine.

The same oxygen ether is formed by the methylation of the silver salt of the normal diazo hydroxide; this points to the conclusion that the isomeric hydroxides, corresponding with the silver derivatives, have the same structural formulae, namely, R N: N OH.

Blanc (Comptes rendus, 1903, 136, p. 1460), prepared hydrocarbons of the cyclo-pentane series from cyclo- hexane compounds by the exhaustive methylation process of A.

It is apparently a tropidine monocarboxylic acid, for on exhaustive methylation it yields cycloheptatriene-I.

The potassium salt of the iso-diazo hydroxide yields on methylation a nitrogen ether, R N(CH 3) NO, whilst the silver salt yields an oxygen ether, R N: N OCH 3.