Sentence Examples with the word Methode

The following deserve special mention: du droit franrois (1674, 12mo); Mceurs des Israelites (1681, 12mo); Mceurs des Chretiens (1682, 12mo); Traits du choix et de la methode des etudes (1686, 2 vols.

I.; Hansen, Ausfahrliche Methode mit dem Fraunhoferschen Heliometer anzustellen (Gotha, 1827); Chauvenet, Spherical and Practical Astronomy, vol.

Others, such as the Barycentrische Calciil of Mobius, and the Methode des equipollences of Bellavitis, give elegant modes of treating space problems, so long as we confine ourselves to projective geometry and matters of that order; but they are limited in their field, and therefore need not be discussed here.

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His most important original works are: Les Vies des poetes Grecs (1665); Methode pour commencer les humanites Grecques et Latines (2nd ed., 1731), of which several English adaptations have appeared; Epistolae Criticae (1659).

Hempel's researches are given in his Neue Methode zur Analyse der Gase (1880) and Gasanalytische Methoden (1890, 3rd ed.

Not only the above-mentioned Latin grammar 16 Y g (44) but also the Methode grecque of 1655 and the Jardin des racines grecques (1657), which remained in use for two centuries and largely superseded the grammar of Clenardus (1636) and the Tirocinium of Pere Labbe (1648).