Sentence Examples with the word Metayer

The principal landowners, who reside in fortified houses, are all Moslems; their estates are cultivated on the metayer system.

This culture-system worked fairly during Van den Bosch's tenure of office, but gave rise to many abuses between 1833 and 1844, involving, as it did, a combination of the metayer and corvee systems.

The metayer system was in vogue, especially on temple lands.

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The island is thickly populated, the negro peasantry occupying small lots and working on the metayer system.

In all these countries there are varieties of emphyteutic tenure; and in Italy the mezzadria or metayer system (see Civil Code, Arts.

The mountainous slopes of Biscay arestudded with the traditional Basque caserio, or farmhouse, in which the peasantry live on the metayer system, dividing theprofits of the soil with absentee landlords.

Interest was rarely charged on advances by the temple or wealthy landowners for pressing needs, but this may have been part of the metayer system.