Sentence Examples with the word Metathorax

The tergal regions of the mesothorax and of the metathorax are hidden under the pronotum and the elytra when the latter are closed, except that the mesothoracic scutellum is of ten visible - a small triangular or semicircular plate between the bases of the elytra (fig.

The three segments which make up the thorax or foretrunk are known as the prothorax, mesothorax and metathorax (see fig.

The union of the first abdominal segment with the metathorax has been 8 FIG.

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The mesothorax and metathorax are rather intimately fused together.

On account of the great extension of the metathorax and the haunches of the large hindlegs, the first abdominal sternite is wanting, and the second is - the stylets.

A remarkable feature is the frequent concrescence of mesothorax and metathorax and in some cases, even, their fusion with the anterior abdominal segments.

The males are very small, free-flying insects with the prothorax, mesothorax and elytra greatly reduced, the latter appearing as little, twisted strips, while the metathorax is relatively large, with its wings broad and capable of longitudinal folding.

The Embiidae are feeble, somewhat soft-skinned insects with the prothorax small and the mesothorax and metathorax elongate.