Sentence Examples with the word Metaphysik

Als Hauptvertreter der okkasionalistischen Metaphysik and Ethik (1882); G.

Lorenz, Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der Metaphysik Schopenhauers (1897); Mobius, Schopenhauer (1899); R.

He laid the foundation of his philosophical system very early in his Metaphysik (Leipzig, 1841) and his Logik (1843), short books published while he was still a junior lecturer at Leipzig, from which university he migrated to Gottingen, succeeding Herbart in the chair of philosophy.

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The System der Logik (1828) of Bachmann (a Kantian logician of distinction) contains a historical survey (pp. 569-644), as does the Denklehre (1822) of van Calker (allied in thought to Fries), pp. 12 sqq.; Eberstein's Geschichte der Logik and Metaphysik bei den Deutschen von Leibniz bis auf gegenwartige Zeit (latest edition, 1 799) is still of importance in regard to logicians of the school of Wolff and the origines of Kant's logical thought.

Meyer-Benfey, Herder and Kant (1904); Morris, Kant's Critique of Pure Reason (Chicago, 1882); C. Oesterreich, Kant and die Metaphysik (1906); F.

Fechner, Zur Kritik der Grundlagen von Herbart's Metaphysik (Leipzig, 1853); J.

Ritschl, Die Christliche Lehre von der Rechtfertigung and VersOhnung (3rd ed., 1889); Unterricht in der Christlichen Lehre (very many editions); and Theologie and Metaphysik (2nd ed., 1887), give his main position.

In his Metaphysik (1879), as in his earlier Mikrokosmus (1856-1864), Lotze vindicated the contingency of freedom by assigning to God a miraculous power of unconditional commencement, whereby not only at the very beginning but in the course of nature there may be new beginnings, which are not effects of previous causes, though once started they produce effects according to law.

Historical and critical - Das religiose Bewusstsein der Menschheit; Geschichte der Metaphysik (2 vols.); Kant's Erkenntnistheorie; Kritische Grundlegung des transcendentalen Realismus; Ober die dialektische Methode; studies of Schelling, Lotze, von Kirchmann; Zur Geschichte des Pessimismus; Neukantianismus, Schopenhauerismus, Hegelianismus; Geschichte der deutschen Asthetik seit Kant; Die Krisis des Christentums in der modernen Theologie; Philosophische Fragen der Gegenwart; Ethische Studien; Moderne Psychologie; Das Christentum des neuen Testaments; Die Weltanschauung der modernen Physik.

He published Grundriss der ersten Logik (Stuttgart, 1800); Ober die Gesetze der Ideenassociation (Tubingen, 1796); Briefe fiber den Ursprung der Metaphysik (Altona, 1798); Philos.