Sentence Examples with the word Metalled

Kabul is now connected by well-planned and metalled roads with Afghan Turkestan on the west, with the Oxus and Bokhara on the north, and with India on the east.

There is no railway, but the metalled road from Kotah to the British cantonment of Deoli passes through the state.

There are few metalled roads, and those that exist are in bad repair, but on the plateau light carts can pass nearly everywhere.

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Of which were metalled and 3170 unmetalled, with 2 799 m.

It is connected by metalled roads with Sivas and Kaisarieh, and by sea with Constantinople.

Exhaustive orders to organize the necessary trains were duly issued, but the emperor seems to have had no conception of the difficulties the tracks - there were no metalled roads - of Poland were about to present to him.

One of the finest roads in the world is the Grand Trunk Road which stretches across India from Calcutta to Peshawar, and which is metalled most of the way with kankar, a hard limestone outgrowth.

Nor are there any metalled roads.

All the islands are well provided with metalled roads.

Arakan is in the worst position of all, for it is connected with Burma by neither railway nor river, nor even by a metalled road, and the only way to reach Akyab from Rangoon is once a week by sea.