Sentence Examples with the word Metacarpals

The whole wing is consequently, although essentially avine, still reptilian in the unfused state of the metacarpals and the numbers of the phalanges.

The second genus, Dorcatherium (or Hyomoschus), is African, and distinguished chiefly by the feet being stouter and shorter, the outer toes better developed, and the two middle metacarpals not welded together.

Third and fourth metacarpals and metatarsals confluent into cannon-bones (fig.

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Lower ends of the lateral metacarpals and metatarsals never present.

Here the metacarpals and metatarsals have partially united to form cannonbones, the skull has assumed the elongated form characteristic of modern camels, with the loss of the first and second pairs of upper incisors, and the development of gaps in front of and behind each of the next three teeth, that is to say, the third incisor, the canine and the first cheek-tooth.

The tail is very long; and the feet have five functional toes, with complete but short metacarpals or metatarsals.

In one species of Procamelus the metacarpals and metatarsals coalesced into canon-bones late in life; but when we come to the Pleistocene Camelops such union took place at an early stage of existence, and was thoroughly complete.

The metacarpals and metatarsals are generally distinct (fig.

The Saururae have the metacarpals well developed and not ancylosed, and the caudal vertebrae are numerous and large, so that.

The middle metacarpals and metatarsals generally confluent, the outer ones (second and fifth) slender but complete, i.e.