Sentence Examples with the word Meta

The Meta is known as such from the union of two Andean streams,.

Various names are given to various parts of the land - thus the north-western part is called Cockburn Land, farther east is North Galloway; on the extreme eastern peninsula are Cumberland and Penny Lands, while the southern is called Meta Incognita; in the west is Fox Land.

See C. Ugoni, Della letteratura italiana nella seconda meta del secolo XVIII (1820-1822); A.

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Deep in the dry season, but in flood the Meta rises 30 ft.

In his expedition (1531-1532) he entered its principal outlet, the Boca de Navios, and, at the cost of many lives, ascended to the junction of the Meta with the parent stream.

Between the Guaviare and the Meta the Orinoco is obstructed by the famous Maipures cataract, where, in several channels, it breaks.

It never goes directly into the meta position.

It is readily brominated and nitrated; when the nitration is carried out in the presence of sulphuric acid, the nitro-groups take up the meta position with regard to the amino-groups.

Among these the Apure, Arauca, Meta and Guaviare hold the first rank.

Resorcin (1.3 or meta dioxybenzene) (1) is decomposed in a somewhat similar manner.