Sentence Examples with the word Mestizos

It has been said of the mestizos elsewhere that they inherit the vices of both races and the virtues of neither.

The first trustworthy enumeration of the people of Peru was made in 1793, when there were 617,700 Indians, 241,225 mestizos (Indian and white inter-mixture), 136,311 Spaniards, 40,337 negro slaves and 41,404 mulattoes, making a total of 1,076,977, exclusive of the wild Indians of the montana.

On the other hand mestizos who live among the whites and form new alliances with them eventually class themselves as whites wherever their social condition has been improved.

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As a rule, the mestizos of Ecuador are ignorant, indolent and non-progressive.

The mestizos of the coast are usually traders, artisans, overseers, petty officers and clerks, and small politicians.

Pop., largely composed of Indians and mestizos (1895), 417,886; (1900) 479,205.

The mestizos are of mixed Spanish and Indian blood.

The mestizos (486,018) are less numerous than the Indians, but outnumber the whites by more than two to one.

The land is held by a few proprietors, and caste sentiment is strong among those who claim unmixed European descent; consequently the mestizos have limited opportunities to improve their condition.

It may be that education and experience will develop the mestizos into a vigorous progressive nationality, but the first century of self-government can hardly be said to have given much promise of such a result.