Sentence Examples with the word Messier

Charles Messier and J.

The northern entrance to Messier Channel is through this gulf.

Among these are the Gulfs of Tres Montes and San Estevan, and Tarn Bay at the entrance to Messier Channel.

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Thus the cluster Messier 5 was found at Harvard to contain 185 variables out of 900 stars examined.

Azopardo (or Merino Jarpa) island lies wholly within this great estuary, while at its mouth lies a group of smaller islands, called Baker Islands, which separate it from Messier Channel.

These clusters present many unsolved problems. Thus Perrine, from an examination of ten globular clusters (including Messier 13 and Centauri), has found in each case that the stars can be separated into two classes of magnitudes.

Charles Messier (1730-1817) had catalogued in 1781 103 nebulae; Herschel discovered 2500, laid down the lines of their classification, divined the laws of their distribution, and assigned their place in a scheme of development.