Sentence Examples with the word Messed

The Xander who messed with her was gone.

He'd messed around with Jenn only a few hours earlier and already felt the need to unwind again.

She's nice and she loves me but she's really messed up and she knows it.

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I know I messed up, getting her pregnant and all, but I wanted to do right by her, and especially the boy.

I figured she might as well come back here rather than get messed up with the authorities again.

The accident did a hell of a job and the long coma and operations further messed him up.

But the kids were pretty messed up.

It would have messed up everything.

I'm glad he messed up and fell.

She told our neighbor Mildred she'd done something she regretted 'cause now she really liked this guy and thought maybe she'd messed things up between them.