Sentence Examples with the word Merodach-baladan

Sennacherib, his son Merodach-zakir-sumi, I month Merodach-baladan III., 6 months.

In 750 B.C. Umbadara was king of Elam; Khumbanigas was his successor in 742 B.C. In 720 B.C. the latter prince met the Assyrians under Sargon at Dur-ili in Yamutbal, and though Sargon claims a victory the result was that Babylonia recovered its independence under Merodach-baladan and the Assyrian forces were driven north.

The following year he was again in Babylonia, where he made his son Assur-nadin-sum king in place of Bel-ibni and drove Merodach-baladan out of the marshes in which he had taken refuge.

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In Assyria Merodach-baladan II.

He failed to make head against the Assyrians; the frontier cities were taken by Sargon and Merodach-baladan was left to his fate.

Furthermore, Merodach-baladan was called by Sargon II.

The marshes in the south like the adjoining desert were frequented by Aramaic tribes; of these the most famous were the Kalda or Chaldaeans who under Merodach-baladan made themselves masters of Babylon and gave their name in later days to the whole population of the country.