Sentence Examples with the word Mercurius

Certain elements of the story point to Arthur as a culture hero; as such his name has been identified with the Mercurius Artaius of the Gauls.

He seems to have performed the same not very honourable office in the case of two other journals - Dormer's Letter and the Mercurius Politicus; and to have written in these and other papers until nearly the end of his life.

British The first literary periodical in English was the Mercurius librarius, or a Faithful Account of all Books and Pamphlets (1680), a mere catalogue, published weekly or fortnightly in London, followed by Weekly Memorials for the Ingenious (Jan.

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Its tribal deity, the god of the mountain, the Puy de Dome, rechristened in Roman phrase Mercurius Dumias, was famous far beyond its territory.

Various religious innovations were made to propitiate the gods; in 496 the Greek worship of Demeter, Dionysus and Persephone was established in the city, and in 495 the Greek god Hermes was introduced into Rome under the Italian name of Mercurius (Livy ii.

The patriotic journalist C. C. Gjorwell established about twenty literary periodicals of which the most important was the Swenska Mercurius (1755-1789).

In the Mercurius Politicus, No.

Doubtless the merchants practised their religious ceremonies from the first, but their god Mercurius was not officially recognized by the state till the year 495 B.C. Rome frequently suffered from scarcity of grain during the unsettled times that followed the expulsion of the Tarquins.

Originally two in number, mythologically the sons of Mercurius and Lara (or Larunda), they were the presiding deities of the cross-roads (compita), where they had their special chapels.

Tacitus states that the ancient Germans worshipped Mercurius more than any other god, and that they offered him human sacrifices.