Sentence Examples with the word Mercurio

More considerable and important was a temple which stood at no great distance from the forum at the point where the so-called Strada di Mercurio was crossed by the wide line of thoroughfare (Strada della Fortuna) leading to the gate of Nola.

Don Hipolito Unanue, born at Arica in 1755, wrote an important work on the climate of Lima and contributed to the Mercurio pervano.

Other periodicals which appeared in the 18th century were Mailer's Mercurio (1738); the Diario noticioso (1758-1781); El Pensador (1762-1767) of Joseph Clavijo y Fajardo; El Belianis literario (1765), satirical in character; the Semanario erudito (1778-1791), a clumsy collection of documents; El Correo literario de la Europa (1781-1782); El Censor (1781); the valuable Memorial literario (1784-1808); El Correo literario (1786-1791), devoted to literature and science; and the special organs El Correo mercantil (1792-1798) and El Semanario de agricultura (1797-1805).