Sentence Examples with the word Menahem

IMMANUEL OSCAR MENAHEM DEUTSCH (1829-1873), German oriental scholar, was born on the 28th of October 1829, at Neisse in Prussian Silesia, of Jewish extraction.

Among those who paid tribute were Rasun (the biblical Rezin) of Damascus, Menahem of Samaria, the kings of Tyre, Byblos and Hamath and the queen of Aribi (Arabia, the Syrian desert).

About 1130), the commentator, and his teacher Menahem ben Helbo, Jacob ben Me'ir, called Rabbenu Tam (d.

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Jacob Tam, who espoused the antiquated system of Menahem b.Saruq, and this he supplements by an independent critique of Menahem.

Scarcely had Assyria withdrawn before Menahem lost his life in a conspiracy, and Pekah with the help of Gilead made himself king.

Of the same school were Menahem ben Simeon of Posquieres, a commentator, who died about the end of the 12th century, and Moses ben Jacob of Coucy (13th century), author of the Semag (book of precepts, positive and negative) a very popular and valuable halakhic work.

Asia had been in vassalage; in the case of Israel at least since Menahem (2 Kings xv.

His work was used in the 10th century by Menahem ben Saruq, of Cordova, in his Mahbereth (dictionary).