Sentence Examples with the word Memoria

Ricci was himself a great expert in memoria technica, and astonished the Chinese by his performances in this line.

The works (see above) of Sagra, Humboldt and Arango are indispensable; also those of Francisco Calcagno, Diccionario biogrdfico Cubano (ostensibly, New York, 1878); Vidal Morales y Morales, Iniciadores y primeros mdrtires de la revolucion Cubana (Havana, 1901); Jose Ahumada y Centurion, Memoria historica politica de.

Morosi, IOdierno dialetto catalano di Alghero in Sardegna, in, the Miscellanea di filologia dedicate ella memoria dci Prof. Caix e Canello (Florence, 1885), and F.

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Giordano, La Vita ed i discorsi di Giovanni Nicotera (Salermo, 1878); Mauro, Biografia di Giovanni Nicotera (Rome, 1886; German trans., Leipzig, 1886); and Mario, In memoria di Giovanni Nicotera (Florence, 1894).

Graf, Roma nella memoria e nella imaginazione del medio evo, i.

In 1811 he produced a valuable essay entitled Memoria mineralogica sulla Valle di Fassa in Tirolo; but his most important work is the Conchiologia fossile subapennina con osservazioni geologiche sugli Apennini, e sul suolo adiacente (2 vols., 4to, Milan, 1814), containing accurate details of the structure of the Apennine range, and an account of the fossils of the Italian Tertiary strata compared with existing species.

It supplied not only a memoria technica, but an organon, or method by which the genesis of all ideas from unity might be represented intelligibly and easily.

They were catchwords, as it were, memoria technica, which could easily be remembered, and would recall the fuller expositions that had been based upon them.