Sentence Examples with the word Melrose

The principal products are rubber shoes (at the village of Fells), skirts (at the village of Wyoming), and leather and silverware (at Melrose Highlands).

Originally a village built for the accommodation of pilgrims to Melrose Abbey (4 m.

Of broken, hilly country, in which is a part of the state park of Middlesex Fells; it includes the villages of Melrose, Melrose Highlands, Wyoming and Fells.

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In consequence of the beauty of its situation between the Eildons and the Tweed, the literary and historical associations of the district, and the famous ruin of Melrose Abbey, the town has become residential and a holiday resort.

According to the extant Lives he was led to take the monastic vows by a vision at the death of bishop Aidan, and the date of his entry at Melrose would be 651.

Of Melrose, about equidistant from Melrose and St Boswells stations on the North British railway.