Sentence Examples with the word Megan

Clara was putting the finishing touches on her map when Megan approached the counter.

I'll come get you in a minute, Megan said, pushing a door open near the end of the hall.

Mrs. O'Hara glanced up when Megan entered.

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She explained the map and Megan tucked it in her pocket.

His children with Megan would have opportunities he and Sylvia never had, but no one was going to push them into a life other than what they wanted.

She glanced from Justin to Megan and then back again.

In any case, it's your personality that Megan finds so irresistible.

When she'd gathered everything she needed for bathing, she trailed Megan through the maze of hallways back to her room.

Clara nodded, eyeing Megan suspiciously.

Clara smiled a welcome as Megan walked into the store.