Sentence Examples with the word Meditated

Meeting with Cranmer, they were naturally led to discuss the king's meditated divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

The discovery of the MS. of the De jure praedae discloses the whole history of Grotius's ideas, and shows that from youth upwards he had steadily read and meditated in one direction, that, namely, of which the famous De jure belli was the mature product.

From the first they meditated a national rising, but their ignorance, enthusiasm and simplicity led them to commit blunder after blunder.

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It is true that the Riksdag of 1840 meditated compelling him to abdicate, but the storm blew over and his jubilee was celebrated with great enthusiasm in 1843.

This defeat proved a great mortification to Lord Chatham, and in his irritation against Townshend for this blow, as well as for some acts of insubordination, he meditated the removal of his showy colleague.

On the fall of Napoleon in 1814 the Piedmontese court returned to Turin and the king was anxious to secure the succession for Charles Albert, knowing that Austria meditated excluding him from it in favour of an Austrian archduke, but at the same time he regarded him as an objectionable person on account of his revolutionary upbringing.

Towards the close of his life he meditated a work showing the application of Positivist principles to conduct.

During his exile Wagner matured his plans and perfected his musical style; but it was not until some considerable time after his return that any of the works he then meditated were placed upon the stage.

The earliest effect of Hallam's death upon his friend's art was the composition, in the summer of 1834, of The Two Voices; and to the same period belong the beginnings of the Idylls of the King and of In Memoriam, over both of which he meditated long.

She became violently anti-Bonapartist, and is said to have meditated the assassination of Napoleon.