Sentence Examples with the word Mechanik

Mach, Die Mechanik in ihrer Entwickelung historischkritisch dargestellt (1883; 2nd edition (1889 translation) by T.

Mach, Die Mechanik in ihrer Entwickelung (4th ed., Leipzig, 1901; Eng.

Eytelwein (1764-1848) of Berlin, who published in 1801 a valuable compendium of hydraulics entitled Handbuch der Mechanik and der Hydraulik, investigated the subject of the discharge of water by compound pipes, the motions of jets and their impulses against plane and oblique surfaces; and he showed theoretically that a waterwheel will have its maximum effect when its circumference moves with half the velocity of the stream.

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Among his works are Kapital and Arbeit (1865); Der Wert des Lebens (1865); Natiirliche Dialektik (1865); Kritische Geschichte der Philosophie (1869); Kritische Geschichte der allgemeinen Principien der Mechanik (1872) - one of his most successful works; Kursus der Nationaland Sozialokonomie (1873); Kursus der Philosophie (1875), entitled in a later edition Wirklichkeitsphilosophie; Logik and Wissenschaftstheorie (1878); Der Ersatz der Religion durch Vollkommeneres (1883).

Hertz, Die Prinzipien der Mechanik (1894, translation by Jones and Walley 1899).

Die Hauptsatze der Astronomie (1836), Die Elemente der Mechanik des Himmels (1843), may be noted amongst his other purely astronomical publications.