Sentence Examples with the word Meath

He constructed a number of fortresses on the great central plain and carved out the kingdom of Meath to serve as his mensal land.

Nevertheless after the middle of the 8th century the title of ardri (high-king) was only held by the Cinel Eogain (northern Hy Neill) and the rulers of Meath (southern Hy Neill), as the kingdom of Oriel had dropped into insignificance.

Yesterday the Countess of Meath came again to see me.

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Munster and Meath were repeatedly ravaged, and in 11 51 he crushed Tordelbach (Turlough) O'Brian, king of Thomond, at Moanmor.

Lady Meath said she would like to see your flowers, and hear the mocking-birds sing.

It is not surprising that the Irish bordering on Meath should have thought De Lacy the real king of Ireland.

Maelsechlainn, who succeeded in 980, had already distinguished himself as king of Meath in war with the Norsemen.

The Ard-Rig had an official residence at Tara and the kingdom of Meath for his special use.

The one is the memoir by Tirechan, a bishop who had been the disciple of Bishop Ultan of Ardbraccan in Meath (d.

Once the Earl of Meath came to see me, and he told me that the queen was much beloved by her people, because of her gentleness and wisdom.