Sentence Examples with the word Meant

It also meant a tax or impost, payable in money.

The consequent small gold output meant a serious decrease of revenue, which was not compensated for by the heavy tax levied on the output of the Premier diamond mine, where operations began in 1903.

He cared enough to give her his most prized possession, and he'd protected her last night against someone who meant to kill her.

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The sweet companionship of their children meant much to me.

It is probable that folkland is meant in two or three cases when Latin documents speak of terra rei publicae jure possessa.

I meant only to borrow them.

He'd meant it as a joke only, something to make her feel better and take her mind off of the chaos around her.

This meant some mental development.

Soc. for 1878, points out that this act meant something to the mob who followed the rebel chief, and was not a piece of foolish acting.

This was his family - the supper was meant for him.