Sentence Examples with the word Mealies

Cattle and mealies constitute the most valuable possessions of the natives.

Amongst the cultivated products are mealies and manioc, the sugar-cane and cotton, coffee and tobacco plants.

Since 1906 an important trade has also arisen in the raising of mealies for export by white farmers.

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In the Cape, Natal and the Transvaal coal mining is largely developed; in the Transvaal and the Cape tobacco is grown extensively; sugar, tea and other tropical and sub-tropical produce are largely cultivated in Natal and the Portuguese territory, and, since 1905, mealies have become an important article of export.

Oats are grown over a wider area than any other crop, and next to mealies are the heaviest crop grown.

The principal cereal crops are wheat, with a yield of 1,701,000 bushels in 1904, oats, barley, rye, mealies (Indian corn) and Kaffir corn (a kind of millet).