Sentence Examples with the word Mayotte

The climate is similar to that of Mayotte (see CoMORO Islands), and the neighbouring islet of Nossi-komba, about 2000 ft.

The local administration is in the hands of an official who himself governs Mayotte but is represented in the other islands by administrators.

The budgets of the four islands in 1904 came to some X30,000, that of Mayotte being about half the total.

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The administration was entrusted to a subordinate of the governor of Mayotte until 1896, when Nossi-be was placed under the administration of Madagascar (q.v.).

Sugar refineries, distilleries of rum, and sawmills are worked in Mayotte by French settlers.

See Notice sur Mayotte et les Comores, by Emile Vienne, one of the memoirs on the French colonies prepared for the Paris Exhibition of 190o; Le Sultanat d'Anjouan, by Jules Repiquet (Paris, 1901), a systematic account of the geography, ethnology and history of Johanna; Les colonies franraises (Paris, 1900), vol.

A Sakalava chief who had been driven from Madagascar by the Hovas took refuge in Mayotte c. 1830, and, with the aid of the sultan of Johanna, conquered the island, which for a century had been given over to civil war.