Sentence Examples with the word Maximilian

Philip, surnamed the Fair, was fifteen years of age, and his accession was welcomed by the Netherlanders with whom Maximilian had never been popular.

Of Denmark, as heir of the Schauenburg counts; but the suzerainty of Denmark was merely nominal and soon repudiated altogether; in 1510 Hamburg was made a free imperial city by the emperor Maximilian I.

Noteworthy among the monuments of the town is the Maximilian fountain (1880), with statues of Maximilian I.

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In August 1493 the death of the emperor left Maximilian sole ruler of Germany and head of the house of Habsburg; and on the, 6th of March 1494 he married at Innsbruck Bianca Maria Sforza, daughter of Galeazzo Sforza, duke of Milan (d.

He was also one of the most trusted advisers of Frederick's son and successor Maximilian I., and his services were rewarded in 1500 with the provostship of the cathedral at Augsburg and in the following year with the bishopric of Gurk.

But Berezowski's pistol shot, which accentuated the estrangement from the tsar, and the news of the death of Maximilian at Queretaro, cast a gloom over the later fetes.

During the regency of Maximilian the turbulence of the Hooks caused much strife and unrest in Holland.

When Maximilian died in January 1519 his throne was competed for by his grandson Charles, king of Spain, and by Francis I.

It afterwards became detached from the German kingdom, and during the 14th century came into the possession of the dukes of Burgundy, from whom it passed to the emperor Maximilian I., and his grandson Charles V.

The diet was ad extremely clumsy instrument of government, and it was perhaps never more discredited or more impotent than when it met Maximilian at Worms in March 1495.