Sentence Examples with the word Maurice

They permeate his controversial and political writings and historical studies, of which his Handbook of Dutch History (in Dutch) and Maurice et Barnevelt (in French, 1875, a criticism of Motley's Life of Van Olden-Barnevelt) are the principal.

The shell fisheries (oysters particularly) are centred in Delaware Bay and at Maurice River Cove, in Cumberland county, but are important also in Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean and Monmouth 1 The following statistics of the products for 1900 and for 1905 are for factory products, those for 1900 differing, therefore, from the statistics which appear in the reports of the census of 1900.

Amid the distractions of outward affairs, Maurice had not neglected the internal interests of Saxony.

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The cult of St Maurice and the Theban legion is found in Switzerland (where two places bear the name in Valais, besides St Moritz in Grisons), along the Rhine, and in north Italy.

He served his apprenticeship as a soldier under Prince Maurice of OrangeNassau in the Low Countries.

In 1617 the Maurice outbreak of the religious dispute between the Remon- Prince of strant and Contra-remonstrant parties brought on a Orange life and death struggle between the sovereign province and John of Olden- of Holland and the States-General of the union.

Although an, active guerrilla warfare was waged against the Dutch during a large part of that period, they did much to promote the agricultural and commercial interests of the colony, especially under the wise administration of Maurice of Nassau.

In 1617 Prince Maurice of Orange committed himself definitely to the Calvinistic party, found an occasion for throwing Oldenbarnevelt and Grotius into prison, and in November of that year called a synod intended to crush the Arminians.

The convent was suppressed by Duke Maurice in 1543, and was by him converted into a school (the Fiirsten Schule), one of the most renowned classical schools in Germany, which counts Lessing and Gellert among its former pupils.

In height), adorned with bas-reliefs of Lincoln and Grant on horseback (by Maurice J.