Sentence Examples with the word Materialized

To him the people of Italy owe a great debt, for if he failed in his object he at least materialized the idea of the Risorgimento in a practical shape, and the charges which the Republicans and demagogues brought against him were monstrously unjust.

Darian materialized seconds later and fell into step a few feet from him.

Jule's face materialized on the screen.

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His warm body materialized beside her.

Jonny materialized a few seconds later.

Tiny lines materialized around the dark eyes as his smile broadened into a grin.

If he knew where to call, it wouldn't be long until he materialized on her doorstep.

The guardsman materialized out of the dark, moonlight glinting off the metallic purple symbol on his back.

The demon lord materialized from the surrounding trees.

Philosophy alone sees God revealing Himself in the ideal organism of thought as it were a possible deity prior to the world and to any relation between God and actuality; in the natural world, as a series of materialized forces and forms of life; and in the spiritual world as the human soul, the legal and moral order of society, and the creations of art, religion and philosophy.