Sentence Examples with the word Massed

They were probably not definite massed movements, such as would permit of the survival of distinctive lines of custom between tribe and tribe; but rather spasmodic movements, sometimes of tribes or of groups, sometimes only of families or even couples, the first caused by tribal wars, the second to escape punishment for some offence against tribal law, such as the defiance of the rules as to clan-marriages.

Army, commanded by the Archduke Charles, supported not only by its own artillery but by flanking fire from the massed guns on the Lavarone plateau.

To this end he had, on the 14th, massed his left wing (Reille and D'Erlon) around Solre, and his right wing (Gerard) at Philippeville; whilst the central mass (Vandamme, Lobau, the Guard and the Cavalry Reserve) lay around Beaumont.

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The Russian commander massed his troops in heavy columns after the fashion of 1813, and drew in his left wing so that it should as far as possible be out of range of the allied men-of-war, which were sailing down the coast in line with their land forces.

Napoleon now awaited further information from his wing commanders at Charleroi, where he massed the VI.

Remembering the surprises that the battles in Spain had provided for the marshals opposed to the duke, he massed nearly the whole of Reille's corps before he advanced.

A new order of battle was adopted - the troops being massed in crescent formation, with a reserve in the shape of a parallelogram ready to strengthen the weakest point.

Its upheaval above the great sea which submerged all the north-west of the Indian peninsula long after the Himalaya had massed itself as a formidable mountain chain, belongs to a comparatively recent geologic period, and the same thrust upwards of vast masses of cretaceous limestone has disturbed the overlying recent beds of shale and clays with very similar results to those which have left so marked an impress on the Baluch frontier.

The slender turrets massed round the western towers and the octagonal central tower, which forms a lantern within, are conspicuous features of the church.

The responsible authorities on the spot perceived that the process of gradually removing the huge accumulations of impedimenta that were massed about the landing-places and of reembarking the troops must take place during the dark hours and step by step, every effort being made to keep the Turks unaware of what was in progress.