Sentence Examples with the word Mashed

He spooned mashed potatoes onto his plate with a vengeance and said nothing more the rest of the meal.

She pushed a bowl of mashed potatoes toward Adrienne and smiled warmly.

They tired Jim and Eureka out, and although the field of battle was thickly covered with mashed and disabled Mangaboos, our animal friends had to give up at last and allow themselves to be driven to the mountain.

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Katie placed a bowl of mashed potatoes on the table and paused, hands on her hips as she gave Carmen an exasperated look.

Destiny had a fist full of mashed potatoes, the white mash oozing from between her fingers.

He sat down in his chair without assisting her and picked up the bowl of mashed potatoes.

Chestnuts (the fruit of the tree) are extensively imported into Great Britain, and are eaten roasted or boiled, and mashed or otherwise as a vegetable.

She poured gravy over her mashed potatoes.

She twisted her fork in her mashed potatoes.

Carmen grabbed a napkin and began wiping the mashed potatoes from her hand.